Vibrational Sound Treatments

Vibrational Massage Treatments

Casbah is taking mental health seriously by curating treatments to help guests improve anxiety, stress and sleep

Vibrational Sound Massage benefits the recipient in sustaining and supporting wellness through the body/mind connection and trauma integration. The induction of the sound waves directly into the body along with the binaural sound frequencies, supports each client with their own individual needs. By placing the therapeutic singing bowls and tuning forks directly on and around the body using proven techniques, a practitioner engages with their client both physically and audibly. Therapeutic grade Himalayan singing bowls and tuning forks specifically designed for a subtle vibrational experience, affect the body on a cellular level. Our cellular structure is mostly intracellular fluid, so the vibrations have a ripple effect on the body assisting in realignment, re-tuning and re-balancing the body back to a natural state of resonance.

Vibrational Sound Therapy along with Pure Essential Oil applications maximize health benefits and is a valuable treatment
-Supports regulation of the nervous system
-Promotes blood circulation
-Immune support
-Reduces muscle tension/pain
-Cellular health
-Reduces Inflammation
-Supports Mental health
-Improves sleep/fatigue


Sound Healing  Allow the sacred sounds to reverberate in your innermost self. This is a transcendent experience not to be missed. Let the sound and vibration of the singing bowls and different instruments give you the opportunity to experience your true, limitless nature. We highly recommend sharing this transformative experience with your loved one.


$150 60min $199 90min​
Vibration/Sound & Essential Oil Treatment This meditative service combines a holistic Aromatherapy application with a full-body vibrational treatment. The resonance of a thoughtfully placed Himalayan Singing bowls promotes balance and restoration, calming the spirit and soul.
$199 for 90min
Peaceful Sleep : Prepare for a peaceful night with aromatherapy, tuning fork, crystal bowl and CBD. This immersive relaxation treatment offers Essential Oil and CBD application along the spine, neck, head and feet. Your mind drops into a state of quiet as the subtle vibrations and sound of the crystal singing bowls envelops you as you drop deeper into a relaxed state of rest.
$199 for 90min
Indigenous Inspired Bodywork 
Allow the sacred sounds of the frame drum to reverberate into your innermost self. This energy-based treatment cocoons the client in warmth, as a medicine wheel of essential oils are applied along the spine, neck, head and feet. Subtle vibration through the tuning fork & Himalayan Singing bowls activate the inner world of the body. Discover the transformative path to empowerment by appealing to the spirits with energy work, hands-on bodywork and vibrational imprint of the frame. The bodywork is guided intuitively by your specialist to address underlying emotional and mental barriers to restoring health. 
Evening Availability Only
$199 for 90 min
Bath in a Soundscape  Sound Baths take you on an acoustic journey that uses vibrations and frequencies tuned specifically to help the mind and body relax. It's a practice in presence, listening, being, and allowing, much like meditation. Certain sounds activate our body's natural healing systems, regulate our body's processes, and get us to brain states that give us all the benefits traditional meditation can the better sleep, mood, focus, clarity, energy, and much more. It can be described as a deeply spiritual experience. This includes a chakra alignment with crystal bowls, an essential oil application to the specific chakras, on body vibrational massage.
$199 for 90min
Group Sound Baths  Together through sound and vibration we are able to tap into cellular healing and deep resonant relaxation. Empowering you to access the medicine that exists within you The wellness space will be bathed with sound using modalities such as Gongs, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, native drums, rattles, chimes and so much more.
$50 per person 75 min min 6 people


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