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I Love My Muff Blue Kit

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I Love My Muff Blue Kit

Everything you need for daily muff maintenance

Spa Fresh Blue: Orange blossom extract with lavender, patchouli, and geranium essential oils

Say goodbye to itches, odors, and irritations. Say hello to freshness and comfort. Our feminine hygiene kit gently cleanses, hydrates, and protects your vulva, without drying it out or throwing off your pH levels. We put together everything you need to feel clean and comfortable at home or on the go in one convenient kit!


  • Clean Vaginal Wash (2 oz): Our gentle yet effective cleanser that keeps bad bacteria and odors at bay.
  • Pure Vaginal Spray (2 oz): Our refreshing and anti-bacterial mist that supports your natural pH levels.
  • Soft Vaginal Lotion (2 oz): Our hydrating and soothing moisturizer that provides instant relief for dry, itchy skin.
  • Fresh Feminine Wipes (10): Our convenient pH-balanced, hypoallergenic wipes, made from biodegradable rayon paper, that keep you clean and comfortable on the go.