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Kula Herbs Excellent Soap


Kula Herbs Excellent Soap is a small soap/skincare business based in the Hawaiian Islands. Located on Maui, a small 720 square mile island in the middle of the Pacific, means we have a unique environment, tropical and distant from any significant major population area, we have clean air and clean water, second to none. Plants love this, they grow in abundance and most bloom year-round, coloring the island with every fragrance you can imagine. Kula Herbs products reflect this, focusing on natural, handmade and artisanal, colored with the fabulous fragrances of the Islands Developed over a number of years Kula Herbs Hawaiian soap and skincare collection has been carefully crafted to embrace the best natural ingredients representing the fabulous fragrances of the Islands. The skincare line is complete: with something for everyone. Hand-wrapped in hand-made paper is another feature Kula Herbs is known for, all gradually developed over the past 18 years, made the old fashioned way, “with love, care and Aloha”

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