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I Am Radiant

I shine with a radiant light. My energy is rooted in Mother Nature, and flows with the trust of the Universe.

With the purchase of this mala, you will receive a 5 part guided audio-meditation series, intro to Meditation. We created these meditations to help you start or deepen your mindfulness practice. Our meditations are 8 - 10 minutes long and are recorded by some of our favourite meditation teachers around the world. Your audio will be sent to your inbox.

This purchase includes: Gemstone Mala, baggie, Hangtag including intention and properties.


TourmalineTourmaline is often worn as a reminder to bring attention inward to the soul. We believe the purple stone is soothing and calming. Tourmaline is also used in meditation with the intention of self connection. The stone is often turned to for love, understanding and inner radiance.

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