Pokoloko Popcorn Plush Robe

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This is a thick, plush, heavy, pure Turkish cotton weave with remarkable absorbency and a luxe hand feel. Hooded, with two deep, front, outside pockets, and a thick belted tie, this robe demonstrates the essential luxury Turkish textiles are so famous for.

  • Generously sized hood and two deep front pockets.
  • Heavy weight. Ideal for at-home dwelling, and both warmer and colder weather seasons.
  • Made with 100% natural materials. Soft and gentle on the skin.
  • While the science and art of Turkish towels dates back to the 17th century, their quick-dry, high absorbency, and unparalleled weave makes them a modern day essential worldwide.
  • Turkish cotton has extra long fibers, making it longer lasting and more durable than regular cotton.
  • Unisex. A gift the receiver will deeply appreciate. Ultra soft hand feel, luxurious texture, strong and durable.
  • Our focus always includes versatility, utility and functionality. Creates a vibe that is elegant, contemporary, stylish, modern, luxe, and coastal.