Exfoliate To Save Your Skin!

Exfoliate To Save Your Skin!

Exfoliate? Why? What’s that? Are these all questions running through your head when you’re told exfoliation should be a key factor in your skincare regime? Well, we’re here to help!

Exfoliation is a key component to your skincare regime

There are so many different methods to exfoliating; whether its a scrub, masque, AHA’s, brushes…etc. But how do your know whats best for you? And why do your need to? For starters, a good exfoliation to your face/body a couple times a week will greatly improve the quality/look of your skin. But lets focus on our main focal point, our face! Not only will your skin not appear dry, but the brightness and flawless look of it is amazing! Also, with dry skin stuck there your products can’t penetrate your skin so whats the use?

Some of our favorites here at Casbah consist of simple treatments to a peel. We LOVE our Glymed Anti-Age Exfoliation Masque. This has an intoxicating smell of licorice and cotains JoJoba Beads and gentle AHAs to exfoliate the skin. The Licorice and Fennel helps rejuvinate and restore the look and texture of the skin. Want something a little easier? Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant is a great option for something quick and easy. This has the consistency of a white powder with an amazing smell…who doesn’t love strawberries? Simply add a couple drops of water and start applying to your face. This product actually has a great gritty quality to it which is ideal for a good exfoliation, but still doesn’t have chemicals or anything harsh to the skin.

Arctic Berry Peptide Facial kit from Eminence

If you want a kick start, book a facial with us to help pave the way. We have an amazing AHA Exfoliation Facial which has a slight lactic peel to it, leaving your skin refreshed and renewed after the process. Another option is our amazing Arctic Berry Peptide Facial. Not only does this facial help promote elasticity and luminosity of the skin, but the exfoliation helps target redness and improve the texture of the skin.

Never forget a good exfoliation in your routine to leave your skin looking and feeling it’s best! We’d love to help get you started. Book Now!

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