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  At Casbah, we have a variety of gentle peels. No fear-inducing "deep" peels you might get at the derm's office, a la Samantha Jones.  A peel is, at its simplest, a form of advanced exfoliation. To talk peels, we need a little bit of Exfoliation 101, so let’s briefly review what that’s all about: EXFOLIATION 101 Exfoliation, from the Latin word exfoliare, ‘to strip off leaves’, is the process of removing the layer of dead skin cells that sits at the surface of our skin. Our skin cells are constantly regenerating, with young healthy cells growing from the bottom...

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Facial Peels Cleopatra is said to have slathered her skin with spoiled milk (full of lactic acid) to get glowing.  While not a new concept, using acids to shed superficial layers and reveal a more radiant surface can be tricky.  Some formulas gently dissolve dead cells; others tackle dark spots and fine lines but require considerable downtime. Learn your ABCs before you peel. Professional peels are not a one-strength-fits-all type of service.  There are roughly three levels of treatment.  Each handles different issues and involves a different degree of recovery.  Pinpoint your problem areas and find a solution to discuss...

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