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Facial Peels Cleopatra is said to have slathered her skin with spoiled milk (full of lactic acid) to get glowing.  While not a new concept, using acids to shed superficial layers and reveal a more radiant surface can be tricky.  Some formulas gently dissolve dead cells; others tackle dark spots and fine lines but require considerable downtime. Learn your ABCs before you peel. Professional peels are not a one-strength-fits-all type of service.  There are roughly three levels of treatment.  Each handles different issues and involves a different degree of recovery.  Pinpoint your problem areas and find a solution to discuss...

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Amino acid Filaggrin based Antioxidants. AKA "AFA", oh and BTW :-) AFAs are based on amino acids that are part of the natural moisturizing factor of the epidermis and Filaggrin is a protein that occurs in the upper layer of the skin, it is responsible for the amino acids that form the skin's ability to retain moisture.   What does that do for you? Well why didn't you ask; greater moisture retention, anti-aging, lessening hyper-pigmentation and very effective for pigmentation on African, Asian or Indian skin types.   Deep exfoliation, how? our skin can take a much higher concentration of...

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