Welcome Back Samantha!

Welcome Back Samantha!

We’re so happy to have Samantha back! We took sometime to catch up with her and learn a little more about her, now you can too!

What excites you most about being back at Casbah? 

“A new adventure that awaits ahead”

What do you do personally to take care of yourself? 

I love long baths while wearing my favorite mask and practicing yoga to relax the mind and body

What is your favorite service give? 

My favorite service is the Signature Facial; It’s everything you want in a facial — 90 minutes of bliss

What is your favorite thing about Casbah? 

My favorite thing about Casbah is the environment, walking in makes me feel like I'm at home. I love the smells and the warm, comfy feeling.

What will you miss about Australia?

The Melbourne style coffee shops, the smashed avocado signature breakfast & spending time with the friends I met along the way.

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