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NEW Cellcosmet Cellcollagen Face & Neck Mask!

Posted on December 05 2016

Fine lines, wrinkles, creases, sagging... aging. What's worse? If only our skin looked like it did when we were 16, fresh faced and wanting to be 29. Now, we're looking for anything on the market to help erase ten years, and make us look as young as possible. Trust me, I have no idea how Cindy Crawford does it... but! We have a solution...
It's December, what does that mean to Casbah?! Cellcosmet!
 What is Cellcosmet? Cellcosmet is a skincare line that revitalizes skin cells with a stabilized Bio-Integral cell, & with a regular application process, will absolutely improve the health of your skin, the elasticity & make you look younger. Their method of madness is simple: Taking a weak cell and treating it with a healthy cell from a similar organism. These products contain the highest level of active ingredients (some up to 30%) available on the market today.
I know what you're thinking - How do I  know if it works for me? That's where we come in! On December 1st & 5th, we're offering our NEW Cellcosmet Cellcollagen Face & Neck Mask that's regularly $249, REDEEMABLE with the purchase of 2 or more cellular products. This treatment offers the unique combination of a reshaping collagen biomatrix with a revitalizing cellular serum, packed full of high-performance anti-aging ingredients. Before your eyes witness your facial contours change, your fine lines and wrinkles diminish, a brighter complexion and erase signs of fatigue. BOOK NOW to achieve the levels of anti age you've been dreaming about.

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