Spring Cleaning!

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Spring Cleaning!

Even though it seems the snow is unstoppable, spring time is still fast approaching! Tis the season for all of us to be cleaning the house and getting rid of everything we really don't need. But what about our skincare? Are we really giving our skin the clean and love it needs? We don't mean just your face but your WHOLE body. After this harsh season our skin is left dull & dry and begging for a little help.

skin cleansing for springYour skincare starts with a deep clean - this means you need a cleanser that's going to wash away all the dirt and oil so you can have a proper product penetration. However, if you're a dry or sensitive skin type it's quite possible your cleanser just isn't the one for you. For a dry skin type, we suggest a cream cleanser in your routine. Our favorites are Glymed' Vitamin C Cleanser ($53.50) and Cellcosmet Gentle Cream Cleanser ($125). With a cream cleanser your ideal application is to a dry face and to gently massage around to remove makeup or residue, then add water to rinse off. For more sensitive types it's absolutely crucial you choose a cleanser that isn't too rich for your skin. Often times if your cleanser is too thick (a cream cleanser, lipid based cleanser) it can clog your pores and actually cause breakouts instead of doing a deep clean.

For something simple and straight to the point, we recommend IS Clinical Cleansing Complex ($53.90) or Eminence Stone Crop Gel Wash ($48). These are great cleansers for removing makeup and oils on the skin. With both a cream and gel cleanser we recommend to do a double cleanse if your skin has build up. With your first cleanse, you're typically just moving around the oils and dirt and finally rinsing them with your second cleanse.

But what about the rest of our body? What makes us feel clean and hydrated? In the shower we always wash our body with our favorite body wash or soap, but is it really benefiting us? At Casbah we love our body essentials to be nourishing, beneficial and to be working. What do we mean? Drug store products tend to have ingredients that are harsh on the skin. We like to use body wash' and scrubs that have the least ingredients possible. We love our Casbah Brand Aromatherapy line offering multiple scents like Sweetcheeks orange and vanilla, lavender, orange and grapefruit and cinnamon vanilla. We also recommend our Barefoot Venus Mustard bath body wash. In order to keep your skin feeling completely hydrated and fresh it's important to exfoliate away all the dead skin leaving it dull. We adore our Sweet Cheeks Brown Sugar Scrub. This is a natural body scrub made up of brown sugar and essential oils, perfect for removing the dead skin but leaving an amazing moisturizing residue after. We also love a body brush;
 these are great for putting yo
ur body wash on or even using just the brush. A body brush is nice and gritty to get the job done but did you know it also helps with cellulite?! Talk about the perfect combination! 

Little changes in your skincare routine can absolutely change your skin. Have any other skincare questions? Come visit us in the spa and speak to our skincare experts!

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