Top 10 Back To School Treatments & Products

Top 10 Back To School Treatments & Products


Back to School

This time of year is usually filled with excitement and some anxiety as the new school year begins. You have to say goodbye to summer by starting a new routine and busy schedule. Keep your skin healthy and speed up your skincare routine with these few tips. We promise you won’t be spending more than 10 minutes in front of the mirror each morning
Chances are, you will have less time now that school is back in session. Whether you’re heading to class or getting your kids ready, the time spent getting ready in the morning is shortened. So first:
Use an ultra-hydrating masque Gone are the days of spending 30 minutes or more in front of your mirror now that school is back in session. Five minutes is all you need with our Cool Mint Revitalizing Masque. It will leave you with a glow that will last all day long and have your skin looking ultra-hydrated. This rich, luxurious masque is designed to reinvigorate, refresh and provide soothing hydration leaving your skin luminous in just five minutes. This rinse off treatment is perfect to use while you’re brushing your teeth or fixing your hair, or you can try this amazing masque in our with our 2nd Top 10 our NEW HydraDermabrasion Facial.  This is a quick 45-60 minute treatment combines our scientifically advanced iS Clinical Skincare and the HydraFacial, a perfect combination!
Hydrafacial South SurreyOur third Top 10 is our HydraFacial treatment an invigorating treatment that can be given in as little as 30 minutes. It delivers long-term skin health and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of all skin types. It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime or irritation. The HydraFacial treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. The treatment is soothing, refreshing, non-irritating and immediately effective and we are offering for the month of September a complimentary Red or Blue LED light therapy $30 value. 



Our most popular product, 4th on the list, this fast-acting, long-term, “results-oriented” formula decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens skin tone, and is excellent for blemish-prone skin. Touted by physicians as “remarkable” and “phenomenal,”as well as a few of our estheticians, ACTIVE SERUM™ usually produces results within a couple of days. Potent activity will be noted upon application as evidenced by a cool tingling sensation. Excellent for all skin types and for all ages, this powerful botanical serum leaves the skin moist and smooth and my teenagers favorite for a vibrant and blemish-free complexion!

Want to Try before you buy, join us September 15th for our promotional day and receive a Free Facial with the purchase of $117 in iS Clinical product.  Book Now space is limited.

This fall is all about celebrating your natural beauty in the most glamorous ways possible. There are a lot of fun fall beauty trends to try this year, but if we had to choose one, it would be “the one-feature rule.” What’s the one-feature rule? It’s when you pick one aspect of your face that you love, and create a look that brings all the focus to that area.
Jane Iredale Fall Collection
The trend is simple to follow, and with our Naturally Glam collection, our Top 5 through 9 we have everything you need to practice it all season long. If you want some inspiration join us and reserve now for our Jane Iredale Event this October with Makeup Guru Ruben!


Dermaplaning South Surrey

Dermaplaning treatment is a cutting-edge exfoliation technique that utilizes precise, practiced strokes, an art really, of a medical instrument to gently lift dull skin cells and fine, vellus hair, commonly known as "peach fuzz". You can dermaplane almost any type of skin and type of skin problem other than pustule acne. I love it because it leaves my skin glowing, literally. Because I am fair and have blonde hair, I never thought about how all that peach fuzz was affecting how my skin looked and felt.  Book Now for our introductory offer!

Watch for more New Treatments & Skincare & Makeup this Fall!

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