Gifts For The Best Teacher!

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Gifts For The Best Teacher!

Summer's coming...what does that mean?

No more school! It's crazy how the year flew by & while we're so busy being tied up with work and activities, we forget to remember who helped us out the most...the Teachers! With classes full of 30+ kids they need a break & a thank you!


After 10 solid months of chasing kids that aren't yours you're bound to be exhausted! What better way to really wind down and relax than Mustard Bath?! You can treat your teacher with quite possibly the best bath they will ever have! Mustard bath helps soothe and relax with the scent of Eucalyptus & Wintergreen while the natural properties of Mustard helps pull toxins from your skin completely rejuvenating  your mind and body.  Come see us and let us put together the best Mustard bath gift set for you to treat them not just at home, but to travel with too! There's nothing better to add to the ultimate bath experience than an intoxicating candle. This season we welcomed White Water Candle Co. in with open arms! While having a range of fruity to floral scents, these are sure to treat anyone right!

Shopping for a more active teacher?! We're happy to say we have BKR water bottle's back and they're flying off the shelves! This year we have a range of pastels, brights & dark colours, to suite any taste. Want to treat them to more than just plain boring water? You must have tried the water we serve haven't you?! We've carried Pure Inventions for years & we don't plan on stopping! This is a great water flavor that provides your body with natural antioxidants and vitamins, while having a taste that's to die for. We recommend Coconut, served best iced cold in the summertime.  These are sure to become a staple in your teachers day-to-day and even carry them into the fall!

If you really want to help your teacher relax, come visit us for a gift certificate.

Summer time is the perfect time to treat them to a Pedicure, massage or a refresher facial. Pair this with a delicious bar of Dam Good Soap, an olive oil based soap that never disappoints!

Can't make it in to see us? We have a great online gift certificate option OR shop online and we can send it directly to your door!

Although it feels like you can never thank teachers enough, here's some ideas to let them know your appreciate them. Happy Summer!







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